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Company Policy

Customer Care

At Che' Bliss we believe every client deserves a quality customer experience. We believe in serving our guests in a spirit of excellence that makes their event with us one to remember. Our desire is to go above and beyond ensuring that every client's vision comes to life. 


If you believe you have received service that is less than satisfactory, please let us know. Our goal is to ensure every client is pleased with the service they have received and if we have missed that mark we aim to learn and grow from your experience. Anyone of our customer experience specialists would be pleased to speak with you.

Privacy & Safety

At Che' Bliss the client's privacy and safety is very important. We take precautions and safety measures to make sure private and personal information is not shared without client consent. Our team safely discards information after it's intended use has been fulfilled. The staff's team signs NDAs to make sure private events are not shared.

When providing payment for service your payment information is not saved, shared, or stored. 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards





Payment Methods
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